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Glass Break Sensor

$ 34.99
Glass Break Sensor

Glass Break Sensor

$ 34.99

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Detects the sound of smashing glass and trigger your burglar alarm. Recommendation: Pair it with a motion sensor in any rooms on the first floor that have multiple windows.  If a burglar breaks a window in order to enter your home, this sensor will detect the sound and trigger PadFender™. Sensor incorporates state-of-the-art audio frequency detection, specifically calibrated to detect the sound of glass breaking.Make sure to install adjacent to or directly opposite the protected glass or window.
  • High frequency sound pressure detection 
  • Glass break infrared detector 
  • microprocessor-controlled digital signal processing 
  • Full audio spectrum 7 frequency signal and impact analysis including infra-sound pressure analysis 
  • Unique acoustic microphone chamber and casing design 
  • Interference: Anti-radio and electromagnetic waves
  • Window Size: Glass of any size

 Installation tip:

  •  Curtains can dull the sound of glass breaking. If your windows are covered in heavy curtains, place your Glassbreak Sensor within 5 feet of your windows.
  • Glassbreak Sensors are programmed to “listen” for the specific frequency of glass breaking. Avoid placing your Glassbreak Sensor in the kitchen, as glasses knocking into each other could trigger a false alarm.
  • Install Location: Ceiling or wall, close to or face the window


All Packages include Security decals, batteries, adhesive strips for easy mounting and optional screws for screw-in mounting.