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Wireless PIR Motion Sensor

$ 29.99
Wireless PIR Motion Sensor

Wireless PIR Motion Sensor

$ 29.99

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Using infrared technology, the PadFender™ Motion Sensor scans distances of up to 30ft and has a detection range of 60 ̊ vertical and 110 ̊ horizontal. The pet-friendly design ensures that pets under 50lbs will not trigger a false alarm. These sensors are perfect for areas with a lot of foot traffic like entryways and hallways.

Motion sensors can secure an area, but they can also keep family from coming home too late as well. Use the motion sensor to alert you in the event that your teen breaks curfew.

Place the Motion Sensor on a shelf or adhere it to a wall, approximately 4 to 5 feet off the ground. Avoid placing the Sensor near a heater, air conditioner, lamp, or electronics (such as a WiFi router).

When placed 5 feet off the ground the Motion Sensor should not detect pets under 30 pounds, as long as the pet cannot get within 5 feet of it. Tip: Your Motion Sensor looks straight ahead and 90° to the left and right. It also looks downward at a 45° angle. Mount it in a corner for maximum coverage of your room.


  • use one to protect rooms on the ground level with 3 or more windows. You can skip getting Entry Sensors for these windows.
  • We recommend assigning the sensors to Stay zones (so that you won’t trigger it when you’re at home) or to normal zones (for rooms that you want covered with a motion sensor while you’re home).
  • The sensor is shaped to stand on a shelf, adhere to a wall, or fit in a corner for maximum room coverage.

Creative ways to use the motion sensors

  • Turn on lights or play music using the smart outlet and relay
  • Receive notification if kids leave the play room
  • Monitor attics and basements

Installation tips:

  • No obstacle in detection range
  • Only 1 motion sensor in the same detection area.
  • Do not face the sensors to window, cooling or warming machines, or other appliances that cause the temperature to change sharply.
  • Motion sensor need 5 minutes to adapt to environment before working.
  • Indoor use.
All Packages include Security decals, batteries, adhesive strips for easy mounting and optional screws for screw-in mounting.